Friday, November 13, 2015

Recent sketches about town

It's been too long between posts - my apologies - I have been distracted. Mostly by this upcoming exhibition which I'm getting quite excited about.

Even though I've been busy, I do still valiantly throw the sketchbook into the bag daily in the hope I will get a spare moment to record the world around me.

Here are some sketches I've managed recently...

The following two were done as I ran some errands in the city. I do love a bicycle propped up against a pole. That's the Lincoln Hotel across the road. This scene feels very 'Melbourne' to me.

And the next one is unmistakably Melbourne. One day I will do a drawing of Flinders Street Station that I'm happy with but in the meantime, I'll chip away at that iconic Melbourne building with its secret, abandoned ballroom hiding tantalisingly inside somewhere.

Scones at the lovely Jam and Cream cafe with my mum. This kind of sketching environment is probably my favourite - you can imagine why.

We took the kids to the beach and while everyone was occupied playing with seaweed and fishing rods and wot not, I got the sketchbook out. I enjoyed experimenting with creating a frame with masking tape. It was fun to pull the tape away when the paint had dried.

Lastly, I've done a couple of stints gallery-sitting at the Banyule Award for Works on Paper, in which my painting Marginalia is a finalist. Kicking back here with a coffee-cup sketch.

If you're in Melbourne the exhibition is on at Hatch Contemporary Arts Space until 12 December and is well worth a visit.

Marginalia - Jodi Wiley, watercolour on paper. Finalist - Banyule Award for Works on Paper 2015

As I finalise everything for my solo exhibition ('Home Is Where the Light Is' at Montsalvat) and as summer approaches, I look forward to getting the sketchbook out more regularly. The next thing I'm itching to experiment with is a dip pen and ink. Will let you know how it goes!