Monday, November 10, 2014

Melbourne Urban Sketchers Exhibition Launch

Saturday was the official launch of 'Urban Sketching in Boroondara', a group exhibition by the Melbourne Urban Sketchers.

I got there a little early so the kids could have a look before the throng arrived. I was so thrilled with the way it was installed. It all looks so beautiful.

Seeing the work on gallery walls and framed behind glass was a very different experience from our usual practice of laying out our sketchbooks on the footpath after a meet-up. It was all so sophisticated!

I loved spotting sketches I had actually seen being created by the artist. They brought back memories of our days sketching: where we were, what the weather was like, the conversations I had (usually about art materials - how I love knowing people who don't get bored by that topic!).

I felt really proud of our group: the dedication and passion of everyone involved is so inspiring.

The turnout for the launch was huge, with the gallery space jam-packed for the full two hours of the event.

And I was pretty excited to spot these red dots on my work!

A very special thanks goes out to fellow urban sketchers, Evelyn Yee and Kym Steinke, our group organisers. Without their hard work and dedication, this exhibition would not have been possible.

And congratulations to all the artists. I feel proud to count myself among you.

The exhibition runs until 6 December 2014 at the Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

If you can't make it, here is a promo video which gives you a bit of a taster. But if you're in Melbourne, I urge you to check it out in person. It's well worth it.