Monday, November 3, 2014

Journey of a sketch: from street to gallery

This week is the opening of the Melbourne Urban Sketchers' exhibition Urban Sketching in Boroondara at The Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn.

We have been working towards this show for the better part of this year, regularly meeting up in locations around the City of Boroondara to draw from observation on the streets (and in cafes!).

It's been a lot of fun preparing for this show but it also forced me to approach sketching in a slightly different way, which I wrote about here.

As the show is about to open, I thought I might reflect upon the journey of a sketch - from the street to a gallery wall.

I have previously posted about drawing Camberwell Books & Collectibles but I thought I would show some progress shots from the day of the sketch.

When I started this drawing I didn't think I would put this particular sketch in the show. In fact, I wasn't at all sure it was going to work out. As I made my first lines on the page, I remember thinking that I would soon give up on it and cross the road to draw the Rivoli theatre instead.

I'll just keep going for a little bit longer and see what happens, I kept telling myself. Despite my initial thoughts, I really don't like to give up on a sketch. Before I knew it, I was enjoying myself so much I didn't want to stop. All those books! What fun to draw.

In the end, I was really happy with the drawing. It's such a gorgeous shopfront and I do have a soft spot for books. You may have noticed ;)

When it came time to decide which sketches to show, I knew I wanted this one in.

Mustn't forget to sign it!

Then it was time to frame all three of the sketches I selected. I love the way simply placing a mat over an artwork immediately makes it pop.

And here is the final piece framed under glass. I'm really happy with how the sketches have come up once framed. It's certainly a different experience from looking at them in a sketchbook.

Camberwell Books & Collectibles (Ink & watercolour on paper) - Jodi Wiley

On the weekend I dropped my work off at the venue ready for the exhibition to be installed today.

While I was in the area, I couldn't resist sketching the Hawthorn Town Hall. The gallery is part of this beautiful old building.

And finally, below are the three sketches I have in the show: Maling Road Classic Fruits, Camberwell Books & Collectibles and Burke Rd, Camberwell.

There will be a huge range of sketches on show from about 30 members of the Melbourne Urban Sketchers group. I can't wait to see everyone's work hung together. It's going to be amazing.

Urban Sketching in Boroondara opens at the Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery on Wednesday (5th November) and runs until the 6th December 2014.

The opening event is this Saturday 8th November, 2pm-4pm. Come along and say hi!