Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Book launch sketch - Coming of Age

Last night I went along to my friend Amra Pajalic's book launch. She co-edited the fantastic anthology Coming of Age: Growing up Muslim in Australia and the Melbourne launch was held at The Wheeler Centre.

Amra Pajalic at the lectern at the Wheeler Centre (Micron pen in Hand*Book journal)

Firstly, it was the biggest book launch I've ever been to (go Amra!).

Secondly, the most entertaining - all the speakers were funny and engaging.

Thirdly, the most emotional.

I was overwhelmed with pride for the friend I met 15 years ago in a Professional Writing course (how time flies!), who through grit, determination and sheer hard work continues to follow her passion to write and to put into the world important work that matters.

If you see the book around town, buy it. It's full of excellent, gripping stories of coming of age - tales that people of all faiths can identify with and be moved by.