Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's a draw! (Sketching at the Aussie Open tennis)

We were lucky enough to be given ground passes to the tennis this year and we went along yesterday. It's been many years since I've been to the Australian Open so I was pretty excited about it.

Kim and I brought Miss P along too and because we accurately predicted the 4-year-old attention span did not extend to an entire tennis match, I thought it safe to assume I could get a few sketches in. I knew we'd be wandering around the outside courts, catching snippets of matches, so it wouldn't matter too much if my concentration wandered from the score to the page.

As luck would have it, I managed a few pages, Miss P actually sat through a whole set, we got to see quite a bit of tennis (doubles, juniors and wheelchair) and it was a really fun day out.

I'd pre-washed this page with watercolour last week and didn't have any particular plans for it. Turned out it was the perfect background for sketching a scene of tennis in the sun. Although the temperatures weren't nearly as traumatic as last week's heatwave, the sun did have a bit of bite.

As you can see from the two court scenes I've sketched, I wasn't game enough to draw the players in any kind of detail. You realise exactly how fast they move when you attempt to draw them.

And I love that Miss P even got inspired and did a sketch courtside. Although I do wonder how the tennis player in question might feel about their portrayal here ;)

 It's a little bit awesome though, isn't it?