Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Year of drawing bravely

I've decided not to make any new year's resolutions.

But I still can't help getting reflective this time of year - about the year coming to a close, and also what I want the year ahead to look like.

I'm thinking more about intentions, rather than resolutions. I know the word 'resolution' is stronger, more decisive. But it's also less forgiving.

So my intentions for the new year? Not to set myself any crazy challenges about how many drawings I will complete, make any rules about my sketchbook practice, set any deadlines for myself - I will only fail at those things.

I'm going to draw bravely.

My new Stillman & Birn Gamma Series Journal

I will try to draw often, yes. But sometimes I can't. Life gets in the way.

But when I do draw, especially on location, I will try not to worry what others think about me, or even what I think others think about me. I can't say I will draw unselfconsciously, but I can draw bravely.

And when I draw in my sketchbook, even if it's in the privacy of my own home, I want to draw bravely there too, not worrying about making bad art or ruining pages. I just want to notch up the drawings - having fun, learning by trial and error. I want to let the pages be a place of play, not judgement.

Poinsettia - PITT artist pen and ZIG calligraphy pen, foliage with red watercolour over a watercolour pre-wash

So instead of making (and breaking) promises about how much I can achieve, I'm going to make a commitment to not let fear get in my way.

Who's with me?