Monday, November 11, 2013


Last week I finished a sketchbook and as I came to the end of it I started to get that lovely feeling of possibility that comes with new beginnings.

And as I begin a new book I am trying not to cling too tightly to what feels safe and what I already know how to do. I want to experiment and not care about the result. I just want to feel the pleasure of making marks on the page, playing with colour, making fast drawings or slow drawings depending on my mood.

Lately, on quiet afternoons, I have been drawing in my sketchbook while Miss P paints next to me at the table.

I am taking my inspiration from her; trying to get back to some kind of instinctive approach. Using colours because they look good, not because they're 'right'. Drawing patterns or doodling without an end goal in mind.

This is not like me at all. I always have a goal in mind. But for the time being, I'm trying to unfurl.