Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sketchbook Project Australia Tour 2013

Each time I popped one of my Sketchbook Project books into the post I thought, 'well, it's been fun...but safe journey, and have a nice life' because unless I won the lotto and ended up in Brooklyn, NY, then I'd never see them again. But I hadn't counted on them coming on tour to my very own city.

Sketchbook Project Australia Tour, 2013, (VCA, Melbourne University)

I spent a few hours today (which was not nearly enough!) checking out books at the Sketchbook Project Australia Tour at the VCA, Melbourne. It was fun to see my own books again (and a relief to know the first one wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered it!) but what I really enjoyed was looking through other people's work.

It was so inspiring to see what everyone had done with their themes, what media they'd used and how they had approached the process. I could have spent all day there. And it was also wonderful to get chatting with other people (who had mostly contributed books themselves), check out their book and talk to them about it as I looked through it.

I love the way that sketchbooks are so personal. You're touching the very same book another artist spent so much time creating. It's a one-on-one engagement with the work. It's tactile; turning the pages creates a story, whether or not the book is narrative-based. It's the story of the book's creation and a little insight into someone else's creative process and ideas.

Did I mention I could have spent all day there?