Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Size matters

I have started a pocket-sized sketchbook (5.5" x 3.5") and I love it. It feels so comfortable and easy to work in this format that I find myself reaching for it more frequently.

This drawing was done while toddler soaked her sandwiches in her babycino. It kept her amused.

It's manageable to fill a page and discreet in a variety of settings. I don't want to make sketching a big deal. I want it to be easy and enjoyable and integrated into my day. Not something I have to set aside time for. Heaven knows I have plenty of other things that need time allotted.

Quick sketch. This passenger only rode the train between two stations.

My aim for my sketchbook practice at the moment is for it to be incidental to my daily activities, instinctive, observational and exploratory.

A rare and indulgent child-free breakfast in a cafe with Kim.

I'm channeling my energy into a new series of paintings so I don't have the time to set up complicated drawings (as much as I love working with detail). But after the housework, the cooking, the child-rearing, the this and the that, I want drawing to be a retreat and a balm; something to do with my hands. Like knitting, y' know? Not another chore to add to the list.

My front cover - playing with gouache.

I just want to have fun with it.