Friday, September 6, 2013

Sketching at 'Tree' exhibition

Today I popped into Apte with Mum to say hello to my exhibition of tree paintings. It was a little surreal to be having coffee in a room with my work on the walls.

I did a sketch. Which was even more surreal - especially the bit where I drew in the paintings which I had painted.

Apte Cafe - 'Tree' exhibition

And speaking of drawing, the wonderful sketch artist Alissa Duke was down from Sydney last weekend and also sketched at my show. You can see her drawing in this post (it's the second-last image).

Apte - a corner of the cafe - 'Tree' exhibition

I was happy with how we installed the work last week but seeing the paintings again in situ with people actually in the cafe, having their coffees and breakfasts and chatting away, made me feel really good. It works. Phew! The space is perfect to show this body of work and I really felt a sense of achievement.

The show is on until 19 September at Apte Cafe, 538 Heidelberg Road, Alphington (Melbourne).