Thursday, September 12, 2013

Recent sketches

My exhibition has been running for two weeks now (there's one more week to go) and I have been in a sort of post-deadline lull. The easel has been packed away for a few weeks - I had a terrible cold for a while, and then the practicalities of the exhibition to organise - but I'm starting to feel the need to hold a paintbrush again.

One of the nice things about having this down-time, though, is that I've been paying more attention to the sketchbook. I don't get to it everyday, but I have been making more marks in it than I have in a long time and that feels good.

Here is a selection of recent sketches, completed in a regular hardcover Moleskine. The paper in this book is really waxy and doesn't hold watercolour well so I'm enjoying the simplicity of pen and/or pencil. Sometimes it's really nice to work with limited materials. It makes your choices about what to do on a page so much simpler.

This was completed sitting out the front of the State Library on a balmy evening last week. We are being taunted with several days of spring weather only to be followed by a run of wintry days. Oh, Melbourne, you are so fickle! It was sunset/twilight and a pleasure to be outdoors sketching. Although a seagull tried to pinch my subway roll, which was a little bit mean.

Self-explanatory. Coffee machine at Koko Black. I was drinking a hot chocolate while I drew it. Of course.

My sister-in-law's baby is due in a little over a week. I drew this last week, during a long wait for a hospital appointment. It's the same hospital I had my babies in and so going there with her brings up all sorts of memories from the fairly recent past.

I remember very well the feeling of waiting, of feeling like this baby is never going to come, of being tired and sore and anxious and wondering what this baby will look like, be like; and what will my life be like? And then the baby comes, and life goes on, but it's so much more beautiful and so much more chaotic, and nothing is ever the same again.

I am so looking forward to meeting my nephew and the girls can't wait to meet their baby cousin. Not long now...