Thursday, July 4, 2013

Journal drawing and a new pen

I popped into the city briefly this morning to check out a few exhibitions. But first I had to draw.

The muffin of the day at Journal cafe was 'pistachio', which I thought was odd on it's own. But I like pistachios, so I ordered it. And it was my lucky day because it was full of white chocolate too. Score! I didn't draw the muffin though. I ate it. I drew chairs instead.

Then I went in to Senior Art Supplies, which I had no business doing, because I have enough art supplies. But I found a Kuretake dual-tip calligraphy pen and thought: must have that.

I mucked around with it on the train home. I love it because you can do some thin lines with the tip of the flat part, then use the flat of the marker for some shading. Great for super quick drawings. I think this pen's a keeper.