Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sketching Jam and Cream

It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to do a bit of location sketching but last week I found a sneaky hour or so to go to a gorgeous little cafe with my Mum.

Jam and Cream is vintage-themed and full of interesting curios (you could go there everyday and never run out of things to look at...or draw).

A feature is the vintage lingerie hanging in the window (which I couldn't help but include in my sketch). There is also a 'Photobooth' out the front where you can don costumes and ham it up. And I did :)

It was so relaxing sketching with Mum, the warm winter sun streaming through the window. It was early when we arrived, the neighbourhood lawns covered in frost. So it was perfect to sit in the cozy cafe, drinking coffee and eating the most delicious scones. Probably the best scones in Melbourne. Made fresh to order. Honestly. Heaven.

I didn't have time to finish my sketch on the spot so I tinkered with it at home, finally adding some white gouache to the scones to create the icing sugar effect.

Just in an endnote: if you're familiar with my blog you'll notice I've changed the banner and called it a 'sketchblog'. That's because I started a new blog for my fine art. Two blogs? Crazy, huh? I'll explain the thinking behind this in another post soon but both blogs will be active so feel free to pop into both. You'll be very welcome :)