Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A new blog for painting

For a while now I've been trying to work out what this blog is about. Is it about painting or sketching? Or about the creative life in general? Or, most crucially, is it about me trying to work out how many sketchbooks I should keep (at last count it was one, but I've revised that to two. Don't say anything!).

It has become clear to me that I have two different, parallel pursuits: painting and sketchbook journalling.

I have always written about it all in the same space (this blog) but for a while I've felt like the two have sat together uncomfortably (in my own head, anyway).

Then I began to think: should I just give up the sketchbook stuff? Maybe I will concentrate on painting and leave it at that.

But I couldn't. Drawing on location is just so much fun and has become an integral part of my creative life. And it's also clear to me that what I do when I draw on location in my sketchbook has almost nothing to do with what I'm doing in the 'studio' with my painting.

I also knew I still needed a space where I could muse about creativity, unleash random thoughts and reflect upon my sketchbook and drawing process (mistakes and all).

How I think about painting is very different. It's more directed, focused and thematic.

It just made sense to give the two pursuits different homes. And I feel so much more clear-headed as a result.

I will be keeping both blogs active and current. I will just be filing the sketchbook stuff here and the posts about painting on my new studio blog.

I will still be posting from the same facebook page for both blogs. But if you are interested in following my painting work you might like to add the new blog to your Bloglovin' feed or Feedly reader or however you like to receive your blog updates.

So I hereby officially launch my Studio Blog. Ta-dah!

And watch this space for the next post declaring how many sketchbooks I've decided to keep. You know it's only a matter of time...