Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My daughter's bedroom

I love to sketch on location but just recently I've been thinking about some drawing projects I want to complete closer to home. I especially want to record the minutiae of my children's lives...details that I know will be precious to look back on as they grow up.

First on the agenda was drawing their rooms. I've only managed to do Miss P's so far. The biggest challenge of the task was to find time when she wasn't around. Otherwise it would be impossible!

I struggled to complete the initial drawing before I picked her up from kinder so I had to continue it the next day.

When I showed it to her she was very excited and immediately wanted to colour it in. So the following day I went to Officeworks and got it photocopied - which was a mission in itself because the book was too big for their machine. But the lovely lady who helped me knew just what to do and with a couple of A4 copies and a bit of magic tape we managed to copy it at one hundred percent - although the middle didn't quite match up as you can see. Never mind. P hasn't noticed yet! So this is her colouring copy.

Then it was my time to colour! This was fun. I managed to do it all while she was at her Nan's and JJ was asleep. It was still a race against time though.

I loved sitting on the floor of her room, iPad set up listening to Danny Gregory interviews, the sun streaming through her window. I also love that due to the nature of drawing, and the way it etches a place into your psyche, I will now always have this very intense memory of her bedroom as it stands as an almost-four-year-old. It makes me feel very happy. I think I will have to do this project every few years...until I get locked out of it when she's a teenager ;)