Monday, February 25, 2013

Recent sketches

Friday night, on a whim, I took off to Melbourne's funky Brunswick Street for a couple of hours. The evening was warm so lots of people were out, strolling the streets and dining alfresco. It was a great atmosphere to be sketching in.


I started this A4-size moleskine at the start of the year and I'm still getting used to working on this scale. I quite enjoy it but I've developed this strange habit of doing a sketch on the right-hand side, then doing a sketch on the left. So it's a little out-of-kilter chronologically.

I did the sketch on the right first in my usual street sketching style. But the one on the left was a lot freer because I wanted to go faster and fit more of the scene in.

The first sketch (on the right page of the book)

Both sketches are unfinished and I don't intend to finish them. It was more about the experience of being out there in that Friday night atmosphere - a relaxed, balmy summer evening tinged with the buzz that comes with the beginning of the weekend.

Then on Sunday we took the kids to the city - there were some fun things going on at the NGV which we discovered by happy accident. First we had a coffee in Fed Square and although I didn't intend to do any sketching I spied this tiny skyline view perfectly framed by the buildings in the foreground and I just had to draw it. I didn't have either of my 'proper' sketchbooks - just my scrappy 'secret' sketchbook (the one I never, ever show people because I want to feel free to draw badly in it) and I had to go fast because the amount of time I had was exactly equal to the time it would take the kids to drink their smoothies.


Once I'd done my lines I felt the drawing looked flat. So I wanted to add colour to create depth. Then I realised I hadn't brought my watercolours (thinking I wouldn't sketch that day). So I used the non-waterproof Pilot pen in the foreground and then the waterbrush over it to create a wash.

Super quick sketch but fun to do. And the moral of the story: always bring your whole sketching kit. You just never know when you'll get the chance.