Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mixed Bag

 Clockwise starting from top...

1. Sat down and drew the yarn-bombed trees at the city square yesterday before an appointment. Love squeezing a sketch into a frantic day.

2. Me and JJ recently went out to Heide to see the Louise Bourgeois exhibition. Glad I didn't bring Miss P - it would certainly had given her nightmares.

3. Loving Miss P's drawings at the moment. She's started saying, 'I am an artist!' and I say, 'Yes, you are!'

4. Random beachballs hanging from the ceiling in a shopping centre. Don't question it.

5. My profile pic on Instagram. I could never be accused of being an 'early adopter' of new technology and apps. Follow me and I'll try and actually remember to take pictures.

5. Rachel Griffiths opened the Linden Postcard Show in St Kilda on the weekend where Kim and I both have artwork on show. It felt all fabulous and Hollywood. But then it was so crowded inside that I just about hyperventilated trying to see the show. So I'll have to go back before it ends on March 23rd.