Saturday, February 16, 2013

Drawing in the country

This week we got back from a trip to Northern Victoria, to a place I spent my childhood summers. It's the first time I've been back in probably fifteen or more years.

In a way it was like a homecoming...I flicked bugs off my arm I haven't seen since I was a kid, got mozzie bite welts bigger than anything I've had in years, there was that sound of cicadas in a towering gum, fresh country air and on our last day that discomforting smoke haze blown in on the wind from a bushfire somewhere.

The kids had a ball. Although the definition of 'holiday' alters a little with them in tow, needless to say. The only real downtime is after they go to bed! The intense heat of that week turned my brain to mush (it has that effect on me) so I moved through the days in slow motion. Holding a pen took more energy than I could muster so my drawing opportunities were mainly limited to the cool of the early evenings. I sat in an air-conditioned cafe one afternoon in Beechworth and drew the post office with my new sepia pen. That was fun.


Otherwise, I sketched every evening in my new Sago on Tuesdays journal, which I love. It was wonderful to be back in the country.

Click on the collage to enlarge