Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sketching in Melbourne

A few weekends ago when sketch artist Alissa Duke was in town, the stars just happened to align, and our schedules allowed a catch up at Brunetti City Square with sketchbooks at the ready (and pastries and coffee, of course!).

I was thrilled to meet Alissa and have the opportunity to sketch with such a talented artist (not to mention lovely person). I grilled her on her materials and methods. I hope she didn't mind the inquisition! But she was generous in her answers, and just watching her sketch was an education in itself.

I have to confess I felt a little bit of performance anxiety alongside her sketching expertise! Here's my effort:

Ink & watercolour done in the Sketchbook Project book

I decided not to attempt anything extremely challenging. I like an accent of red so I went for the cafe umbrellas. Alissa's sketch of St Paul's from under the umbrellas was just beautiful.

She inspired me to explore my watercolour pencils more too. I really enjoy using them so I don't know what's stopping me. She's an absolute genius with hers. I got my tin of 12 out of the cupboard as soon as I got home! Still mucking around with them...it'll take me a while before I can work them anything like Alissa does.

For more of Alissa's sketches here's her photostream on Flickr. And here's a wonderful interview with her done last year by Cathy Johnson on the Artists' Journal Workshop blog.