Friday, December 14, 2012

Sketchbook Project 2013...progress report

It's been a productive week. I finished my sketchbook journal (which I'll blog about soon) and have made good progress on my Melbourne-themed Sketchbook Project.

I decided to draw Flinders Street Station on the cover because it's a Melbourne icon and I do love the building very much. I love the colours of the bricks, the fact that it was a well-known meeting spot pre-mobile phone era ('under the clocks') and I love the little-known fact that there is a disused ballroom inside it. Weird.

I don't normally sketch in pencil first or lay down a wash before the pen. But this time I thought I'd better play it safe seeing as it's the cover. But midway through the application of ink, my pen went dry. I shrugged and dug in for another pen. That soon dried up too. I realised it must be the coarse texture of the cover paper. I wasn't willing to sacrifice another pen so I decided to leave it. I think it has it's own unfinished charm. I'm going to call the book 'Drawn to Melbourne'.

I also completed another page. How could I not draw Koko Black? My most favourite cafe/chocolate shop/all-round best-ever-place. Great excuse for a hot chocolate too.

An alternative title for this book could be 'Scenes from Cafes' seeing as this is mostly where the pages where drawn.

I have two more double-page-spreads to go. Plus an unfinished page which needs a bit of jazzing up. And then I'll be done! Maybe even by the end of the year.