Monday, December 17, 2012

My completed sketchbook journal

A few weeks ago I wrote my reflections on keeping a sketchbook journal and how central it's become to my life.

I explained how I'd challenged myself to finish the beautiful Sago on Tuesdays journal I'd been working on since May and last week I actually did it! It was such an incredible feeling to have completed a book. Especially for someone who starts a lot of notebooks and sketchbooks but very rarely makes it to the last page. I thought I'd show a selection of pages (there's no uniting theme - I just drew what I saw, or what I felt like drawing in whatever medium was at hand at the time, which was mostly pen and watercolour).


It's such a nice feeling to hold this book in my hand, it's pages fat with drawings and paintings. Full of the last eight months of my life. Sketchbook journalling is really rewarding...and a little bit addictive.