Monday, December 10, 2012

'Just Draw It' e-course running again!

I love drawing. It's such a beautiful way to pass the time, record the moment and appreciate the world around us. I love to sketch my surroundings but there are many times when I feel stretched by my subject matter...and in need of some tuition!

When I saw that Dutch illustrator Koosje Koene was running an online drawing class I jumped at the chance to take it, both because I wanted to improve my skills and because I know that she's such an amazing talent. Her graphite skills are first class. All you have to do is scroll through her blog to see some of her amazing work.

The course itself was so much fun and really useful. Koosje's such a fun teacher with a great sense of humour and a truckload of knowledge about her craft. I loved the way the course was designed - starting with basic drawing techniques and progressing through shading, using colour, drawing people, hands and faces, and finishing off with a very thorough lesson on how to create a character.

One of the most valuable things I learnt from this course was Koosje's graphite pencil technique. I was amazed that I could produce this by following Koosje's instructions:

Honestly, I find drawing hands very, very difficult. I couldn't believe what emerged from the paper, just by doing the lesson.

I picked up skills in this course that I use every day in my drawing now: techniques to do with negative space, shading and ways of looking at things.

Koosje's running the course again in January. Check out this cool video she made about it. If you're interested in taking the course head over to her sign-up page. It's heaps of fun!