Friday, November 2, 2012

The trouble with people...

The trouble with people is that they are so difficult to draw.

A Sketchbook Project on Melbourne wouldn't be complete without a page on Centre Place. Love this laneway but it's always full of people - eating or drinking coffee at the eateries, many of them not much more than shopfronts with two or three tables outside - it's also a thoroughfare from Flinders Street to Collins. This place has a very Melbourne kind of charm. But no drawing of it would feel right without the people.

This morning I sat down at an outside table, ordered a latte, and started drawing the things that made an impression - in no particular order. First the back of a guy reading the paper. Then the ornate street light - these lights are such a feature of the street. Then some shop signs. I started putting perspective lines's not an accurate representation but I was trying to capture a feeling.

Then I knew I would have to include the foot traffic. Not being game enough to draw them, I just made notations on the people I could see. And just so you don't have to squint at the page, here are a few:

* woman drinking coffee wearing a crushed cream dress and an imperious expression
* man yawning on mobile phone sitting across from a girl with her hands in her jacket pockets
* two men with suitcases stand and look up and down the street like meerkats
* a bald man with a backpack wears a t-shirt saying 'deus ex machina'

My heart skipped a beat when the woman I referred to in the first note got up and started walking towards me. Agh! I was sure she was going to ask to look at my page and because I hadn't written any other notes yet she would certainly read it and know it was her. She was the only person for a mile wearing a crushed cream dress! But she was only marching to the counter to pay for her coffee. Phew! I'm positive she is just lovely and not at all imperious.

Anyway, I had fun with this and I may use this solution (cheat?) to 'include' people in a drawing again...