Friday, November 16, 2012

Circle of ideas

This week I've been making copious notes about new artwork I want to do.

And in the middle of it all I had to start a new pocket notebook.

My notebook system is complicated. So complicated that I don't even understand it. Another word for it could be 'disorganised'. But I prefer the term organised chaos. I have a lot of notebooks.

But the one constant is the pocket notebook I carry around in my bag every day in which I record shopping lists, to do lists, new ideas and the occasional personal revelation.

So anyway, when I had to start a new book I hunted around in my stationery cupboard and discovered a notebook I'd started more than a year ago and then abandoned.

I opened it up to discover almost identical notes to the ones I'd been making this week about the work I want to create. Many of the descriptive words were exactly the same.

Which made me think: is this some kind of weird amnesia? Or do ideas happen in a loop? Do they keep coming back to us if we don't see them through?

The thing is, I felt like I was having the ideas this week for the first time. And I would never have known I was actually revisiting them if I hadn't found this book.

How does it all work? I wonder if the creative process is actually circular rather than linear. And that we keep back-tracking on ourselves, looping around, expanding the idea each time until it's ready to be created or given form. I don't know. All I know is, well, it's interesting.