Monday, October 1, 2012

Party wind-down, drawing

After celebrating JJ's first birthday on the weekend it was nice to spend time winding down today. This afternoon I sat on our front porch in the warm afternoon sun idly drawing while Miss P 'gardened' (ie. sprinkled dirt everywhere it shouldn't be). Bah! When the sun is shining and you have your art supplies at hand, who cares, right?

And I just had to show this set-up from our little party.


My very talented friend Kathy made that excellent cake. It wasn't just a pretty face either, it tasted awesome.

I made the decorative bunting out of an old picture book with the little addition of gluing a paper doily to each flag and spelling out her name on them.

That box, by the way, was washi-taped within an inch of its life and covered in picture book images. It was used as a 'lucky dip' for the kids as an alternative to lolly bags.

All up it was a lovely day. We're still reeling from the fact she is one year old! Wow, time flies.