Friday, October 26, 2012

Lure of sketching

Jodi's drawing of a barramundi Kim caught in the Northern Territory
by Kim

I was sitting at the dining room table the other night looking at some of Jodi’s beautiful drawings when my mind started to drift towards fishing. It does that sometimes - actually, it happens all the time.

I started thinking about the next spot I would fish at, what fish I might catch, which bait I will use, what I might see while I am waiting for the fish to take the tasty morsel I'm offering.

I enjoy just thinking about the act of fishing because I get to remember the seals that were playing just 10 meters away from me while I was out in my kayak the other week, or the first big snapper I caught while I was out fishing with my dad. Once, a pod of killer whales passed about 50 meters away from a boat I was fishing in near Port Fairy. These are all amazing things that I get to re-live whenever my mind starts to wander - I think about things that I would never have seen if it weren’t for my compulsion to catch fish.

Then my mind drifted back to the pictures that were sitting in front of me.

I started thinking about the spot that Jodi sat to get the best angle to her subject. I thought about what paint or pencil she was using to create these pictures and what she might have seen while she was sketching the scene. I imagine her sitting there completely focused on her pencil, distracting her from the stressful thoughts that hound her, like whether the kids will let you get a full night’s sleep for the first time in months or if her gorgeous husband will clean up the tripping hazard that is his pile of clothes on the bedroom floor.

Jodi often talks about the cool things that happened or the funny things she overheard while sketching. Things, I imagine, that she may not have seen if it weren’t for her compulsion to create art.

Sketching and fishing, they're not so different I think. But next time Jodi asks me what it is about fishing I love so much…I’m going say, 'me man, hunt, fish.'