Sunday, October 7, 2012

Down the beach

We just got back from a few days at the beach. We stayed in a caravan park, but in the relative luxury of a cabin with an en suite. So it didn't look like this set-up:

This caravan and annexe was opposite ours and a little way down. When JJ had one of her naps I sat out on the picnic bench in front of our place and drew it. It reminded me of the caravan we stayed in every year when I was a kid - an idyllic time.

I had vague plans of wandering around the park and drawing a few other caravans but hey, who was I kidding? I was lucky enough to get to draw this one though. I also did a few other pages which I'll show later this week when I get a chance to photograph them (still need a scanner - it's on the wish list...).

This was the first time we've been away since well before JJ was born so it was really nice and, happily, not a complete disaster. We might even do it again!