Sunday, October 21, 2012

Adventures in black and white

Without making a conscious effort to do it, I've been drawing in black and white a lot lately. It just seems easier when you've got limited time. You can sort of just whip something up and it looks passable.

This first spread is some more playing around with the Pilot pen and a wash. I like these little bits and pieces from our garden. It's interesting that the Pilot pen black ink goes kinda purple-y when you apply water to it.

The next one is a car in a shopping centre. You know those competitions they have and the car is parked right there, conveniently in front of the coffee shop? I never draw cars. Like, never. So this was a good effort, however, probably completely technically incorrect.

And this is Kim watching TV one night. I told him not to move a muscle. Poor thing. He thought I was drawing his face so he made a big effort to put a freeze on it. His face was the only thing I didn't draw. Actually, I gave it a few goes but rubbed them out both times. I need to practice faces. I really do.

Those last two were done with a mechanical pencil and black watercolour pencil, with water applied. I enjoy that technique - you can save just about any drawing with the watercolour pencil I reckon!