Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sketchbook Project progress - more Melbourne

I got to sneak away on Sunday morning for a mini sketch-crawl with my mum in the city (if you can call two different locations a sketch-crawl, which I do, because it's practically a marathon for me).

First we nabbed a window spot at Journal cafe in Flinders Lane and this is the view I had of the entrance to the very cool Centre Place. Now just don't look too closely; we won't analyse the perspective errors in this piece, that's what the red awning is there for, to distract you from all that. This was really fun to do. Took me over an hour, in which time my mum completed about three sketches. Go Mum!

Next one was over a Japanese lunch on Swanston Street, sitting at an outdoor table. It's one of those poster poles, bulging with the bulk of posters past. The drawing was looking okay right up to the point where I decided to do a blue sky wash, forgetting (or selectively ignoring) past experience of botching washes with this tiny travel brush. So, when the inevitable happened, I had to think of a quick save and drew some of the surrounding scene over the blue. It could have been a lot better, but I don't think it's terrible.

So that was a really nice morning and I got to complete another couple of pages for the Sketchbook Project 2013. Thanks for coming sketching with me, Mum!