Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sketchbook Project 2013 - a beginning

I finally started my Sketchbook Project after dithering for quite a while. I kept coming up with different themes, feeling gung-ho about each one until the enthusiasm waned. I couldn't decide whether to take the paper out and rebind it with watercolour paper. I wondered whether I should complete each drawing as a finished piece or make it truly sketch-like.

Then last weekend I went to the city to take some reference photos for a different project and I thought: I love the city! Why don't I just draw Melbourne? And then it seemed the right decision, especially because I'm sending this little book all the way to the other side of the world.

I also decided to leave the original paper in there, and just do casual on-site sketches and not get too hung up about the 'finish' of each piece.

So this is what I got done last weekend.

I managed to get to Captain Cook's Cottage early enough that I was the only one around. Usually hoards of tourists swamp this tiny building in the beautiful Fitzroy gardens and so it goes all day until the last tourist coach departs. I was there at 8.30am last Sunday and when I took off I turned around to see the first of the coaches had arrived. I couldn't believe my timing! I think I probably should have left it black and white but I wanted to signal that the scribble on the front of the building was in fact ivy and not just scribble. Still undecided about whether the colour works...


Then later in the day I sat in the warm Spring sunshine on the lawns of the State Library and it was bliss.

I think this Sketchbook Project is going to be fun!