Saturday, September 22, 2012

Experimenting with sketching

The other day Kim spotted this outdoor table setting at Aldi supermarket at a price so cheap we couldn't afford not to buy it. It has been a most welcome addition to our front porch. We have eaten our lunch out there most days this week and it's the perfect place to sit and draw for a little bit.

I've been mucking around with a black watercolour pencil and waterbrush and it's a combo I want to get better at because it's a great way to travel light if you want to create a wash (I think I got that tip from Cathy Johnson - it wouldn't surprise me).

Under strict instructions from the pint-sized boss, I sketched the Wiley tree (a Japanese maple in our front yard - still quite young - but which we planted this time last year as a way of celebrating our little family unit after JJ arrived). Miss P insisted on applying the waterbrush - I think she did a great job. I like her embellishment of 'a nighttime sky'. On the right is me trying to draw one of our chooks, Rhonda. Why I keep drawing her I have no idea. I have a love/hate relationship with that bird because she bullies the other chooks. If she didn't lay eggs, and I wasn't a vegetarian, (and I didn't want to draw her all the time), she'd need to be worried.

Lastly, this is a collaboration between me and Miss P. I dotted the page with the watercolour pencil, P dotted the page with the end of a daisy stem dipped in inky water and then grabbed the pencil herself for a freestyle kinda scribble. I then used the waterbrush.

Fun to be experimenting and not worrying about outcome.