Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zoo drawing again

We went to the zoo again last week. I know from these photos it doesn't look like we saw a great deal of animals. I assure you that we did (including that very curious peacock!). But they have this fantastic new section where kids can role play the different jobs at the zoo - complete with uniforms. Amazing!

Miss P was looking forward to going to the butterfly house. She'd been mentioning it all week. But when we approached I could see from a distance an ominous sign out the front. Closed for renovations. There were tears.

But we peered through the glass to look at all the workers inside and talked about how they were making a better (more eco-friendly, apparently) house for them. We got over it eventually.

One thing I wondered though, how do they catch all those butterflies? And where do they put them?

And yep, we attempted to draw again. It was a brief endeavor (as most things usually are with small children!). But we got the sketchbooks out, nevertheless. It was during morning tea. Which explains why I didn't draw any animals.

Anyway, Miss P did a drawing. And when I asked her what it was, she said (a little resentfully, I felt): 'it's a broken butterfly house!'

'The broken butterfly house'

Hmm, maybe we didn't get over it as quickly as I'd thought...

Hopefully by next time the butterflies will have returned to their brand new, much improved, home.