Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Framing frenzy

I mentioned yesterday that I may not have stuck to the straight and narrow on my buy nothing new for two months attempt. But that's okay. The important thing is that when you have a little hiccup you don't throw the whole endeavor out the window. New day, fresh beginnings!

And anyway, it's not like I had a massive blow-out. I had to buy a couple of small art supplies (okay, I didn't have to, but I wanted to, and they turned out to be pretty essential to what I was doing, so I feel okay about that). I also bought these things. And lastly, I went on a bit of a framing frenzy...hanging all the artwork that's been waiting to be hung.

Exhibit A:

These artworks were actually framed already. But creating this picture wall triggered my crazed week of framing!

So yeah, I may have gone to Ikea, and I may have bought some frames, and I may have bought some spice racks, but I tell ya, the list of things I didn't buy is admirable!

Below is Miss P's bedroom. I framed this tree with an Ikea frame and I also got some spice racks to use as face-out shelving which I've been wanting to do for ages. And these particular spice racks always sell out and they had just got a delivery, so...

The problem is, when I get it into my head that I want to do something I like to just do it. So when I felt this overwhelming urge to frame, I knew I couldn't wait another month because then it would probably be another year until I got around to it. So I just did it. Okay, terrible excuse, I know. But happy to have got all this framing done nevertheless.

Two Stephanie Levy prints in our kitchen

And alas, there is more that I haven't taken photos of. So yeah, I went a bit frame-crazy.

So it's the first of the month and I'm going for another attempt at buying nothing new. I know I really have to do this. One month. How hard can it be? Seriously.