Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book wishlist and showing restraint

Perhaps this will redeem me for the new purchases I made last month. Normally I'm the worst kind of impulse buyer when it comes to books. I see something I like online and a few clicks later it's heading my way. I'm in a bookshop and fall in love with a book, a few minutes later I'm standing at the counter getting my wallet out. So you will appreciate the incredible restraint it took to visit a bookshop recently and see all these books that I wanted. So I satisfied my intense desire for them by snapping pictures of the covers.

That picture of the Persuasion cover doesn't do it justice. It was a lovely cover and of course I already own a copy but if you remember this post you'll understand why I wanted to buy it again. In the bottom right-hand corner is a Lego moleskine. A LEGO MOLESKINE. How cool is that? And I didn't desperately want that book about graphic design commandments but the title appealed to me because Comic Sans should be outlawed, clearly.

I have also gotten better recently at reserving books at the library instead of just buying them. Yay for libraries, I say! But I simply cannot promise that I won't buy a tonne of books when this month has finished. What can I say. I'm a book tragic.