Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quick sketch and drawing kit bag

Managed to scratch this out quickly while sneaking a coffee with baby asleep in the pram.

Super quick one. I'm normally too shy to draw people but I was in a corner position and these two were engrossed in what looked like a business meeting so I didn't feel like I was going to get sprung. He was telling her very important things, I believe.

Here is my on-the-go drawing kit in my new favourite thing: a drawstring bag which was a gift from the lovely Kara from Me and Elna (who I got to know through the Covert Robin gift exchange earlier this year).

Watercolour journal from Sago on Tuesdays, pencil case from Pocket Carnival and my Windsor & Newton watercolour kit

I love this because it keeps all my drawing things in one spot instead of swimming around in the bottom of my big bag. Look how lovely it is!


Thanks, Kara! You and Elna are an awesome team ;)