Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Sydney drawings

Yesterday I wrote about sketching the Sydney Opera House and promised to show some more drawings from our whirlwind Sydney trip...

This one took me around about the length of the flight (an hour and twenty minutes-ish) and I was attempting to do a bit of a fish-eye perspective which I've never tried before. You can see on the right-hand side that I ran out of time, but that's gave me room to write. Any particularly clunky bits I'm going to blame on turbulence ;)

Next one was another experiment...during which I discovered my tiny travel brush is not suitable for a big wash like sky and water. As a result I overloaded the right hand side page with water and had to wait a looooong time for it to dry. I think it's kind of an interesting effect, using pen on one side to continue the same scene. By the way, it was lovely sitting on the beach at Manly painting this. Too cold to swim (although not for some!) but with the sun on our backs it was a nice spot to sit for a while.

Last one I started right after I drew the Opera House (this is what you can see of The Rocks precinct when you're looking towards The Bridge, turning your back on the Opera House). I didn't get far before we realised we had to scoot in order to catch our plane! So I snapped a picture of the scene with my phone and finished it off on the plane home. Pretty rough and basic but it sort of captures the hurry I was in I guess!

I really need to get a decent scanner to show my journal sketches but I'm sure you won't mind photos for now...