Friday, July 20, 2012

Interview - Luci Everett

Luci Everett is a Melbourne graphic designer and illustrator. She has a huge portfolio of work ranging from commercial work to personal pieces and a diverse repertoire of styles. I love her use of negative space and she has a way with collage that makes her pieces just pop. I wanted to find out more about her work so here she is! Welcome, Luci!

All images by Luci Everett sourced from Luci Everett Illustration on Tumblr

Tell us a bit about yourself, your work and achievements.

My name is Luci, I'm a 26 year old graphic designer and illustrator living in Melbourne. I freelance for design agencies as well as individual clients. I have a pretty distinctive style – quite handmade, fresh, organic, eclectic and tactile. I use a lot of paper collage and painting/coloured pencil in my illustration which is often for gig posters, album covers and wedding invitations.

Luci Everett

When did you know you wanted to work creatively (from a young age or did you come to it later?) and what steps did you take to make it happen?

I've always wanted to work creatively. I guess I'm lucky in that it was a pretty natural and straightforward process – I was interested in both fine art and typography and layout and so studying graphic design made sense. In the final years of my course I began some freelance projects and this just accumulated thereon.

Luci Everett

Could you describe a typical work day? How do you balance art and the administrative side of freelancing?

I've been working quite a few days for a design agency lately so my typical day is very much that of a 9-5 graphic designer. But when I'm working from home, balancing art and administration is pretty easy – I quite like the administration as a break from the art. I just focus on each as they're needed.

Luci Everett

What inspires you creatively?

It's not very "romantic", but number one is other designers and artists, and largely that comes from trawling the internet. The more poetic answer is nature or travel, which is also true. Particularly applicable now as I'm literally on the other side of the world exploring Iceland.

Luci Everett

Is there a difference to how you approach design work, illustration assignments and self-initiated projects? And how do you motivate yourself?

I wouldn't separate it so much into those categories as into projects that utilise my natural style and those that call for a different one. The former category is largely what you'd find on my website, and the approach is very intuitive. The latter involves a lot more looking at visual references and researching beforehand, but it's equally as fun. If I'm lacking motivation I look for related visuals I find appealing and exciting and that usually stirs enough for me to jump in.

Luci Everett

What are your favourite tools/materials for creating?

Scanner, mixed paper, watercolour, gouache, coloured pencil.

Thanks so much for your time, Luci! It was fantastic to hear all about how you work and what inspires you.

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