Monday, July 16, 2012

Drawing special clothes

My brother got married last month (which I previously mentioned here) and I've had it in my mind to do these journal pages for the last few weeks. This weekend I finally found the time.

I got the idea to do these little drawings when I realised that in most of the photos from the day the girls were wearing their jackets. Well, it's Winter after all. But I had put a lot of thought into what they would wear and finding their little dresses and now there's no record of their outfits! Well, I have some photos of Miss P in her dress because she took her jacket off and raced around the restaurant for most of the reception so she was warm enough. But little JJ had the cutest dress and it it barely got an airing because if she wasn't wearing her jacket she was sleeping in her sling against me.

So I decided to draw their outfits. Here is what JJ wore:

Oh, I love these cute little shoes she wore on her baby feet! Is there anything cuter than bubba shoes?!

My only regret is that I drew Miss P's jacket first, which was really hard because it's just cream in colour so I tried to do the shadows of the folds. I hadn't done any drawing or played with my watercolours in a week so I was super rusty and it's a big fail (that's why I tried to edge it out of the photo!) which is a real shame because it's a beautiful little jacket given to her by my (new!) sister-in-law. But that's okay because there are plenty of photos with her in it. I was more interested in capturing the dress.

I'm so happy that I did this before too much time went by. I want to capture more little memories and treasures and moments like these in my sketchbook journal...