Monday, July 23, 2012

Design:Made:Trade Round-up

I got along to the Design:Made:Trade show yesterday (one of the perks of being a full member of Creative Women's Circle was that I got free entry - woo hoo!) and it was design heaven. I actually broke my vow of buying nothing new but I'm going to justify it by the fact that I was supporting local designers making unique small-run items. Um, do you think I can get away with that?

These are the things I couldn't resist. A roll-up travel pencil holder by Alie Jane which I'm going to put aside for Miss P's birthday next year. This is what it looks like unravelled.

And rolled up:

I also couldn't resist these amazing prints by Pillow Poet. I got two, each with the girls' initials and I just love the playful way that words are used (and really interesting, challenging and fun ones!).

I just have to frame them now. They'll look something like this:


Other cool stallholders I stumbled upon were:

Sandra Eterovic
Dear Mingus
Lauren and the Lost Boys
Print Paper Cloth

The show was a feast for the eyes but I just had to get out of there after a while before I parted with more cash!!