Wednesday, July 18, 2012

City drawing with kids in tow

A couple of weeks ago Kim and I took the kids on a city outing. Highlights were: the train trip in, a hot chocolate in a cafe, green tea ice-cream after lunch, running around Fed Square, rolling around the State library, the train back home, no tantrums. Hooray!

We even managed to fit some sketching in during the hot chocolate/coffee stop. We had to work fast, obviously, and I only got time do the outline (above). I finished it later from a photo I took on my phone - not entirely happy with the colour but never evokes the memory of a happy day.

This collage kind of tells the story: drawing with kids requires some flexibility - both in mindset, and the ability to wrangle a child under one arm while finishing your last lines. P was proud of her watercolour abstract. And afterwards we checked out a great portrait exhibition at the State Library, where we also discovered a fantastic kids' section.

Fun day!