Tuesday, June 12, 2012

True Self exhibition - Melbourne GPO

I got a chance to see the True Self exhibition at Melbourne's GPO building yesterday. The concept is really cool. Artists collaborate 'chain-mail' style to create a finished piece. Each artist was sent out an A3 sized art board and had to create an artwork to be passed on to the other artist to finish. Each collaborative pair completed two works (I think...although I didn't actually count!) on the themes of self-image and transformation. It was really cool to see what they all came up with.

Creatives involved included people from the fine art world, photographers, illustrators and fashion design. The results were really fun.

You can check them all out here. Each artwork is for sale for $200 with the money going to the charity Fitted for Work (although I did see lots and lots of red dots already!). Really loved seeing these originals up close. The exhibition runs until June 24, 2012 for those in Melbourne-town!