Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top Arts exhibition - NGV Melbourne

I adore seeing the Top Arts exhibitions. It's where the very best work from the previous year's VCE final year students is curated and shown in the National Gallery of Victoria (the Ian Potter Centre at Fed Sqauare).

I haven't been in a few years but I recently got along to the current exhibition and it was well worth it. I love seeing student work because it is so fresh, vibrant and always impressive. I also think it's an awesome concept to show student work in Victoria's most prestigious gallery. These students have worked incredibly hard and produced very finished, well-considered, interesting work and it is only right they should be honoured with a public showing. And what a thrill it would be as a student to see your work hung professionally and seen by thousands.

I loved the exhibition this year. Every piece showed so much skill already. (Occasionally I do have those moments: a 17-year old did that? I might as well give up now!) My pick of the show was Bronte Berenger's work - I love her use of white space and her ballpoint pen skills are first class. Yes, ballpoint pen! This is quite a large work so it's worth seeing in person.

Bronte Berenger - I promise never to get paint on my glasses again at NGV

If you're in Melbourne I highly recommend you get along (and it's free!). But if you're not you can check out the exhibitors here.