Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kid art

N.B. Size of people not to scale ;)

I'm constantly inspired by my toddler's creativity and imagination. She comes up with the most amazing drawings and she surprises me daily with the art she makes.

Miss P is three years old. She draws every single day. She draws with confidence and from her vast imagination, not worrying about whether she has created an accurate likeness of a thing or a person. She doesn't hesitate over any of her marks. She just draws.

She occasionally gets upset if something doesn't turn out the way she wanted it. But she just starts again.

She draws what she likes and when she looks at her drawings she likes what she sees. She says things like, 'I'm a good drawer, aren't I?'

If only, as adults, we could go back to that time when we experienced pure, uninhibited joy in drawing. Instead of being so judgmental about our efforts, wouldn't it be wonderful just to appreciate the fact that we made something with our own hands just because we felt the urge to create?

These are the things I'm trying to remember in my own efforts to draw more often, to have more confidence and take more creative risks.

Kids can be the best teachers...