Monday, May 14, 2012

Tour of Melbourne Art Supplies Stores

The other week I spent a couple of hours traipsing around the city looking for a travel watercolour set and as I was doing so I thought, hey, I should do a little 'tour of Melbourne art supplies stores'. So here it is!

Melbourne Artists' Supplies 36 Little Latrobe Street, Melbourne

This funky little store is tucked away behind Melbourne Central Train station and RMIT university. It's well worth a visit.

All the fine art supplies are upstairs. It's almost like going through a secret door. Love this store.

Eckersley's Art and Craft 97 Franklin Street, Melbourne

Eckersley's is not the most central store, up on Franklin Street, but it's well stocked and has pretty much everything you could want.

Deans Art 369-371 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

I love browsing Deans Art in Fitzroy but this was the first time I'd been to the city store. It was huge and went a long way back. You can see how long it is! So many tempting goodies.

Senior Art Supplies 21 Degraves Street, Melbourne

This one is in my favourite street, Degraves Street (which I wrote about previously here), so it gets brownie points for this reason. (Can you see that cool Einstein riding a bike pasted up on that building? How did they get it up there?!

Senior Art Supplies is on the left here but I wanted to photograph the street because I love it. So instead of the shopfront, here is the door.

And in case you're curious, I got my travel watercolour kit from Melbourne Artists' Supplies in the end. I did a lot of walking that day! And then some drawing. And some cupcake-eating too. It was a good day.