Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pikaland - Making Your Mark

Pikaland's Making Your Mark online illustration class was one of my New Year's resolutions. I want to get better at drawing and I knew I would need something like this to get me going. It started last week.

Unfortunately I didn't get off to a flying start because a sick toddler on the weekend meant I couldn't complete the assignment (is that the Mama version of 'the dog ate my homework?' Probably. Nevertheless, it's true.). Luckily Miss P is much more chipper this week. Hooray! Assignment 2, I will complete you! Just you wait and see!

So here is my incomplete work. I only got up to the sketching stage. The left version is done with a black Uni pin fineliner (size 0.3) and the right version is drawn with a mechanical pencil, coloured with Windsor and Newton watercolour - which I'm very clumsy with - so I tried to fix it with Prismacolour pencils on top.

This is one of our chickens. Her name is Rhonda Birchmore.

Linking up at this brand new, very exciting creative space today!