Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Links: TED and This American Life

I've started listening to This American Life and TED talks when I get the rare (very rare) hour or so to sit down and draw. I sort of go into a zone where I'm absorbed in the drawing but also absorbing the story or the talk. It's really very meditative! I've downloaded the apps onto the iPad so I sit it on the table next to me and off I go. With a cup of tea at my elbow, there's no better way to spend a quiet hour.

This American Life, a radio program, will be very familiar to anyone in the States. I've heard about it for years and have been meaning to check it out and now I'm hooked. A great episode I listened to recently is Kid Logic.

TED talks are the most absorbing, fascinating, thought-provoking and entertaining way to spend twenty minutes. I just found this great list of The 20 most-watched. There are two on there that I've watched and loved: Sir Ken Robinson's Schools Kill Creativity and Elizabeth Gilbert Nurturing Your Genius. I plan to make my way through all of them in time!

If you have a favourite TED talk or This American Life episode let me know! I love following up recommendations. That's how you find the best stuff :)

Happy weekend everyone!