Saturday, April 14, 2012

'I laughed at the suggestion when I nominated myself.'

So there's this mockumentary called We can be heroes which follows the journey of five mythical Australians in their quest to win the title 'Australian of the Year'. It's hilarious, cringe-worthy and more real than any reality TV show ever made. The most deeply painful character by far, in my opinion, is Phil Olivetti, who nominated himself for the award.

So in a slightly wince-inducing mirror of Phil's ego-maniacal behaviour, I have nominated myself in the People's Choice Award of Best Australian Blogs 2012 run by the Sydney Writers' Centre.

But if I promise not to make any self-promoting merchandise, bribe the judges, write self-aggrandizing books, or make absurd claims about my body parts will you vote for me? Please?

Click below to vote. It's 'Art by Wiley' on the first may still need to scroll down a little when you get there. And then click 'next' through all the other pages until you get to the end where you fill out your details.

You are lovely. You know that, don't you?