Friday, March 23, 2012

Words and the 'to do' list

My 'to do' list is as long as my arm at the moment so I'm trying to take deep breaths and tackle things one at a time. I have a habit of getting distracted mid-task and ending up with a whole lot of things on the go at the one time, but not a single thing completed! I have to remind myself that taking that approach defeats the purpose of multi-tasking. It's not productive if nothing gets done! So, 'one thing at a time' is my current mantra.

I love words of inspiration and motivational quotes. They often help me focus, knuckle down, or remember the bigger picture. I've pinned the one above to my 'Quotes' board over at Pinterest - come and join me there - I'd love to see what quotes you've pinned too!

Happy Friday everyone. Hope your to do list this weekend isn't very long :)