Friday, March 9, 2012

Why reCAPTCHA is okay by me

It used to drive me bonkers whenever I was trying to leave a comment on a blog and I was faced with the question 'Are you a robot?' and an obscure, barely legible word verification. I often have to squint, push my chair back a little and tilt my head to the side to try and work it out. Even then I often get it wrong. Sometimes I say out loud, 'I'm NOT a ROBOT!' You too? No? Oh, okay.

Well, then I discovered something the other day on the lovely blog Mrs Eliot Books. If you type in a word verification through the program reCAPTCHA you're actually performing a community service. You, dear blog reader, are helping to digitize old books every time you leave a comment on a blog! Don't believe me? Watch this!

It might not stop you from blowing steam out of your ears every time you get the word verification wrong, but it might make you feel okay about using it. And maybe a little self-satisfied ;)