Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Friday


1. I take photos to document my artwork and sometimes I photograph my process too. I was thinking recently it would be cool to make some sort of time lapse thingy showing the progression from blank canvas to finished painting. Check out: How to create a video masterpiece with your photos (and get 100,000 YouTube views) from Digital Photography School. Now this post is on another level entirely to what I have in mind but it includes great instructions and a list of sites to find royalty-free music for the soundtrack.

2. Can you believe Picnik's closing? Sad face. There are a lot of recommendations floating around the web but the only one I've tried so far is PicMonkey. It's been created by some of the people who worked on Picnik so it's got a similar feel. But more fonts please! And hoping they introduce the collage feature soon.

3. If you create your own products and need to take pics for your online store, blog or website, check out my review of The Crafter's Guide for Taking Great Photos over at Creative Women's Circle. A cool book full of great tips.

4. The image above comes from Etsy store Bomobob which is full of stunning photographs. Head on over and spend a bit of drool-time over the lush images.

Have a great weekend everyone!